Romantic Necklace with Stamped Molten Solder

molten stamped stained glass necklace

I’m finally, finally getting around to adding my jewelry to my Etsy page! I made these in early Fall, then didn’t put them up for the holidays. Partly because I ended up getting swamped with orders (most were non Christmas orders but at Christmas time!) and partly because I’ve had foot surgery – on BOTH feet! First the right foot a week before Thanksgiving, the left foot two days after Christmas. I’m still on crutches and hopping around with two damaged feet.

So… my jewelry! I’ve been dabbling with my lead-free stained glass solder, stamping it with rubber crafting stamps while the solder is fully molten. It’s a quick process and so rewarding! If you try it, use the red, rubber stamps not the clear silicone ones. For this necklace, I’ve used printed images from John Waterhouse and it reverses to a gorgeous piece of stained glass – it can be worn either way! I’ve added real amethyst beads and a pewter plated chain. It’s for sale on Etsy. I’ve others with broken pottery bits mixed with some steampunk gears.

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